About Us

Roots Story
ROOTS opened its first juice bar at Majestic City complex, back in the year 1997. Back in the time, fresh fruit juices were sold in a very limited quantity and was not either quite popular or well known to the crowds. Fizzy drinks were the “GO to thing” during that era and they were the market leaders during that time. This is only when ROOTS took the challenge of introducing all kinds of rare local fresh juices to the market. Mr. Rienzie Fernando, Co-founder and Managing Director of ROOTS,

ventured into and thereupon revolutionized the making of fruit juices with these three concerns been a higher priority – Good Quality, Freshness, and Hygiene. In a society where being Health-Conscious has become one of the essential needs amongst the multitudes, the idea of providing healthy fruit juices really took a great turn in the organization. With maintaining a consistent quality of the products over the years and in addition to having a global mindset of shifting towards Healthy Foods, the growth of ROOTS expanded rapidly and is now without a doubt, one of the best-undisputed market leaders in the sector of Fresh Fruit Juice, consisting of 27 outlets currently in operation around Colombo and Kandy.

After time well spent on shopping, ROOTS which is based at the Majestic City complex - food court, is the ideal place to quench your thirst with great taste and also, the freshness of fruits that never cease to amaze. You will never be disappointed! For three consecutive years, ROOTS was recognized as the “Best Snack bar” and was also awarded in recognition of High Quality, Quantity, Consistency, and Hygiene by the Colombo Municipal Council. Further, awards of Excellence were also received by ROOTS for the years of 2007, 2008 & 2010, which was organized by the “Sri Lanka Food Processors Association”.

Fruit Juice 100% Organic Cool summer heat Slide Perfect balance of Sweetness


With a “watertight” seal to cover all our beverage cups, it is a very convenient point for customers to carry our beverages around.



We select ONLY the best quality fresh fruits, using only the finest ingredients in our juices. They are sent directly to the blender and NO preservatives or artificial flavoring has been added.



We ensure that ALL our customers get maximum health benefits. The ingredients in our Fresh juices and Smoothies consist with a blend of vitamins, minerals and fibers that provide our body with optimum support.



ALL our beverages at ROOTS juice bar are prepared in highly maintained hygiene conditions



Our menu includes a selection of more than 30 flavors. Further, it also features a “Flavor of the Month” beverage also using cool themes to bring out the fun and exciting factor of our beverages.



ALL your orders can be expected to be ready within three minutes.



We provide the best “Value for money” with our customized juices consisting all the health benefits and natural goodness.

Why we stand out
Keeping pace with the fast-changing times and trends along with the moods of the consumers, High-Quality fresh fruit juices and a variety of fruits have been introduced to the consumer market, strongly establishing our brand’s personality amongst the “Health-conscious” people. It’s main and only aim is to provide Healthy, Natural, and Nutritional products which also contains no fat or cholesterol.

All fresh juices at ROOTS are naturally enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. The ROOTS juice bar is all about fun with a cool and exciting attitude and atmosphere along with a touch of sophistication to fine-tune the whole concept. Altogether, we’ve summed up the fresh fruit juices as a “Lifestyle” drink that celebrates great taste and good health

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