Delicious effect of our berry bang smoothies.

The “Roots” is a lifestyle drink that celebrates great taste and good health. Roots is an elite juice bar that is about fun, cool, and with a touch of sophistication. Our products are naturally blended, squeezed, crushed, super healthy, and nutritional, contain absolutely no fat and cholesterol, no artificial, essences, colors or preservatives, and then again, vitamins and minerals enriched.

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Fruits for Health

Filled with tons of vitamins and antioxidants, guava helps with boosting your heart health and maintain blood sugar levels.

Give your body the best care by supporting collagen and anemia-fighting abilities with our local, all-natural orange. You can feel good about what you put in your body.

Sundae  at  R O O T S

Replenishing the real taste of ROOTS

Nothing like some cold ice-cream covered with fruits and sauces! ^.^ Visit today to our outlets and enjoy them all!

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We create the ultimate fresh blends

Bringing a variety of benefits, now available at Roots😇Can you guess the Juice? Keep yourself hydrated with tasty and healthy fruit juice from Roots. Colors of freshness to brighten up your day and no one’s colors are brighter than ours!

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If you’re having a meeting, working late at night and need an extra push. Let us know and we will be there